My FAVORITE File Manager - Complete Midnight Commander Tutorial

This table contains the most common keyboard shortcuts as shown in the video. The table does not show the shortcuts that map to each of the menu items.


  • ⌃ - Control Key
  • ⌥ - Option on Mac, Alt on PC
  • ⇧ - Shift Key


Combo Description
⌃-p or Up
⌃-n or Down
⌃-b or Left
⌃-f or Right
Switch Panes
PgUp or ⌥-v Page Up
PgDown or ⌃-v Page Down
⌥-< Go To Top
⌥-> Go To Bottom

Quick Navigation

Combo Description
⌃-s Search (not needed if command bar is disabled)
⌃-\ Hotlist
⌃-c Quick change directory
⌥-i Sync panes
⌥-o Change directory in other pane
⌃-c Quick change directory

View & Edit

Combo Description
⌃-x q Quick View
⌃-x i Quick Info
F3 View
F4 Edit

Copy, Move & Delete

Combo Description
F5 Copy
F6 Move
⇧-F6 Rename
F7 Mkdir
F8 Delete
* Select All
+ Select by pattern